The Well Coffeehouse

Hello friends and followers,

We’re back with more fun lattes (this time it wasn’t too long of a break….thankfully!) Over the past few weeks, both of us have heard of a particular coffee shop several times. Every time we see or hear about a new coffee shop….we have to know about it of course! We are Nashville’s Ladies with Lattes and we must stay atop of new openings. And what a gem this find was! 

Our latest excursion was to The Well, a fast-food joint turned swanky coffee house with (get this!)…a non-profit background. Yes, you read correctly. A stylish, fun, yummy, hip coffee house that donates their money for the work of Christ. Can you get much better?! We don’t think so. It is all our loves combined…Jesus, missions, AND LATTES! 


The atmosphere is wonderful. Burlap chairs & couches, chalkboard signs, and wood pallet tables. You couldn’t ask for a more “coffee-house” feel.

So what about that coffee…oh it was delish. Annah (not in her normal chocoholic mood) chose the Caramel Whip, a very sweet concoction of espresso, milk, lots of caramel and a dollop of whipped cream. It was very good, but Shelly’s pick took the cake. She chose a drink that was a first for both of us. Wait for it……wait for it…….it. was. a.


And oh my goodness was it good?! It kind of describes itself. 


The staff was very helpful and we chatted for a good while about the mission of The Well. They partner with organizations such as Blood Water Mission to provide clean water wells in Africa. Another aspect of their mission is something they call The Wishing Well. Here, customers can post local mission needs and The Well hopes to eventually have other customers pay-it-forward and create some home missions. They also showed us some products they sell for missions. They had fashionABLE scarves (an organization run by Mocha Club), belts, purses, jewelry and various Christian books. Not to mention some pretty cool teeshirts. Shopping and coffee…yes please! 

We loved every second of our time there. We stayed for a good while catching up like we always do. We spoke about God, work, life, boys and the difference between Louis Vuitton & Michael Kors bags (okay, not very mission oriented but we are still girls with a common love for good handbags…especially ones that we can’t afford unless they’re on intense markdown at Macy’s and if your husband won’t kill you…) 

The Well awakened our need for good times, good conversation, a renewed spirit and a yummy latte. We will definitely be back. 

Until next time!


JJ’s Market & Cafe

Disclaimer… This post was meant to be posted weeks ago. Whoops…

Boy oh boy has it been a long time since a latte post that represents the both of us. FINALLY, our schedules allowed us to meet for a rendezvous over our common love, lattes. We once again brought our friend Michelle. This was the last time you’ll be seeing Michelle for a while since she is currently serving God through a teaching assignment in Antiqua. You can follow her adventure here if you’d so desire. We miss you Michelle! I digress. Back to the excursion.

The three of us met at a place we’ve been excited to go to for a while…JJ’s Market and Café. Not only does this location serve coffee and pastries but it also has a little market attached to it with local products and a few necessities such as, ahem, Oreos and chocolate. And yes, those are necessities. Duh.  The atmosphere reminded us of a trendy general store with lots of Vandy students and maybe a few professors added. 

It was very quiet and I’m sure our loud giggles may have distracted the smart college studiers (Sorry Vandy smarties! We like to giggle, okay! )  After deliberating for a while on what we each wanted to get (poor barista!) we finally all decided on which treat to choose. Shelly happily decided on a Peach and Cinnamon latte. I know what you are thinking, “WEIRDO!” and/or “Gross!” But let me just tell you, you are wrong. This was one of the most delicious combinations of flavors in coffee that any of us had tried. First of all, Shelly has tried this flavor combo in her Utah post but that was cold and it was slightly different. This kind of tasted like peach cobbler but with a hint of fall. Does that make sense? Probably not. Oh well. You should go try it anyway.

Annah chose a mocha with a hint of vanilla…what’s new? Sorry, she doesn’t get out much. It was rich and creamy and it had a Pocky stick sitting in it (a Japanese treat that she remembers from living in Japan) and so this drink scored major points solely because of that! Okay, the whipped cream might of helped score those points too. We don’t skimp on deliciousness.

On to our fearless friend Michelle. She chose a dirty chai. And it was that. Dirty and gross. We do not recommend. First, it came out in a glass that looked like it had a big ol’ frothy thing of beer. Ew. Not a good sign. When we tried it, it was odd. Then we just decided it was flat out nasty. Despite all of that, the whole thing was drunk. We don’t waste around here. But don’t worry JJ’s! It wasn’t your fault. It’s just the combination of chai and espresso should never happen again…anywhere. So, no hard feelings. We still like you! Our hour at JJ’s was much needed and missed terribly. We had so much fun chatting and playing catch up that we decided that the hour at JJs needed to be extended on to Applebee’s (we had a gift card, okay? So, don’t judge.) And that’s what we did. We miss you and our lattes! More to come soon.

Until next time, LWL      

Washington, the land of great coffee and an adorable nephew

Today I am writing about a latte adventure that unfortunately doesn’t include Annah, our new jobs and lives have kept us pretty busy as of late, but this blog does include an out of town adventure to one of the best places you can go for coffee, Seattle Washington. 

No I didn’t go to Washington jut for coffee (although I might consider it), I went because my favorite brother (I only have one, so I can say things like that) and his beautiful wife live in Tacoma. After nine long months of excitement and anticipation my brother and sister in law finally made me an aunt for the first time. My sweet little nephew, Simon Pierce Keil, was born on June 6th and I was THRILLED to get to visit him when he was just three weeks old. My siblings, my nephew AND great lattes to drink and blog about made it a fantastic trip. So don’t be surprised if this turns out to be a very long blog entry. I will not be offended if you choose to skim, skip, or just look at the pictures. My nephew is pretty darn cute so there will be lots to look at. 


Where to begin… Last June I visited Jason and Lillian in Tacoma only a couple months after they’d moved there. We went to a different coffee shop every day cause I was desperate to try as many different lattes as I could (inspiration for the creation of this blog perhaps?) I fell in love with one particular coffee shop, Satellite Coffee, and had in my opinion the absolute best vanilla latte I’d ever had in my life. I’ve thought about that latte on many occasions and although Frothy Monkey’s Monkey Mocha in Nashville is a close competitor, Satellite still holds first place. I could hardly wait to go back again to make sure I wasn’t making it all up or exaggerating it in my head. 


I got 4 vanilla lattes from Satellite on this years trip. I wasn’t making it up. I got two lattes with whole milk, one with soy, and one with half whole and half skim. The whole milk version is the best, but I’m not sure you can really go wrong with their Stumptown coffee, My Chai homemade syrups, and passionately knowledgeable baristas. My studly brother and Lillian’s awesome sister Marion who’s now like a sister to me also, came along on my trips to Satellite. I think they enjoyed a reason to keep going back. And I’m sure we’d all agree, if you ever travel near Tacoma, go to Satellite. 


On my last day in Washington we took a trip to Olympia, the city where Lillian had gone to college and where Jason and Lillian fell in love with not just each other but also the state. We didn’t get coffee everywhere we went but they did take me on a bit of a coffee shop tour since there is a coffee shop pretty much on every block. It was so fun having them show me around and get as excited about coffee shops and lattes as I do. They are seriously cool people.

Jason’s favorite cafe is Batdorf and Bronson. It’s very nice and spacious, ok huge. J got a Con Panna, espresso and whip cream. I can see why he’d like it there. The company is primarily a bean wholesaler to many different coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants, but they also have one more location in Atlanta, GA. 

Next we went to Sizizis. Fortunately for me they use Stumptown coffee, the same kind that Satellite brews, so I figured I would like it. Going into Sizizis was almost like stepping into Hogwarts at Disneyland. All you Harry Potter fans have to go here sometime if you’re in the area. The wood arch is from an old bar from the 1800’s in Seattle. And there are 32 doorknobs randomly on the ceiling. I walked into the extremely dim lit bathroom that had multiple wooden doors inside and I seriously thought they might be trap doors or that someone was going to jump out one of them like a haunted house. The music was more like dark creepy noises than actual music. It was quite an experience. As was the latte, a spicy mocha. The spices were a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cayenne. Spicier than i expected, but paired with the chocolate it was so unique and so good. 


The last coffee shop I’ll talk about is Olympia Coffee Roasting Company. We didn’t order anything but it was very cool to check out. It seems to be a pretty known place because I had passed a few more of them when driving. I loved their door handle and the open view of the roasting. 

Since I’ve already said so much, I’ll let this be my concluding paragraph. Basically the coffee in Washington is incredible. Even my brother made me some Americanos at home using his aeropress and grocery store coffee and it was better than I could have ever made at home. (thanks for those by the way Jason!) AND my nephew and his parents are incredible. Lillian is a fantastic mother and it seems to come so naturally for her. When I see Jason holding his son I can picture him having so much fun playing with Simon and teaching him life lessons. Aunt Marion always talks about how perfect he is and I have no doubt she will spoil him and he will think she is so cool. Simon is so loved. I’m writing this blog on the plane ride home and I miss them already. I didn’t think I’d get emotional writing this, but I cant help it. I’m so blessed. 

Until next time!




So it’s been awhile since we’ve gone on a true Ladies Wity Lattes excursion. Like it was mentioned last post, the “real world” has intervened. This is exciting but at the same time…terrifying! This week we were desperately craving an adventure; not just for a latte but for the comradery as well. We scheduled (can’t believe we have to use such a big girl word!) a date for Friday to go to Crema.

Crema is located in downtown Nashville, convienent to Annah’s new job thus makIng it easy for a midday meeting. Crema is one of the main places Shelly has been waiting to go to. Having been a few times before, our expectations were high. Also, since it had been so long since a LWL adventure, we wanted something good. We even decided to bring our good friend Michelle along again (refer to our Meridee’s and Red Lark post for a cute pic!) On to the adventure! We took off for a quick hour lunch break and got there with about 45 minutes for a latte and a few (ok, a LOT) of laughs:)

Ok, so enough of my sappy bouts on the beauty of friendship and get to the lattes already! Shelly went for the most adventurous of the drinks, a 6 oz concoction of Crema’s very own spiced and smoked honey, with a hint of orange. This drink had an incredible smoky flavor from the honey with a slightly spicytingle from the orange and other natural flavors. It reminded us of fall, despite the fact that it was close to 100 degrees outside. It’s only May….! Unfortunately, she spilled a little trying to take a picture :/ 


Annah chose a standard mocha (what’s new?!) but this one was different. It was richly chocolately without being overly sweet. The flavors were very subtle yet very enjoyable. This one truly stood out among the other mochas we’ve tried. Michelle, our sweet friend and trusted adopted latte conosieur chose the winning latte of the day. She went for the Cuban Latte. None of us expected to like it but now, we’re hooked. A Cuban latte is sweetened and flavored by a splash of condensed milk. That’s it! And it’s Perfect.


While these were not the lattes we had expected, we throghly enjoyed what Crema had to offer, including their fantastic ambiance. Very low key. Time flew and after what seemed like minutes, it was time to head back to work and go our separate ways. But since we had tooooo much fun, we extended our soirée to the evening. A good old fashioned girl’s night complete with Chinese takeout ( a first for Michelle?!), popcorn, peach sparkletini ( yum!), a chick flick ( which was never watched) and lots and lots of laughs. Friendship is the most important part of this journey….lattes are just a plus. Until next time…

Marcia’s Patisserie (and an update on our lives)

Well this blog is long overdue. A lot has been going on in the lives of these ladies and therefore time to write and even go get lattes has been lacking. Shelly officially graduated from Belmont University on May 5th! And Annah got a new job! Whoo hoo! That means lot of transition for the two of us which is wonderful and difficult all at the same time. Bittersweet. So we’re sorry if our posts become a little more scarce. We’re going to miss doing weekly latte adventures, but we’ve become too addicted to not make them happen at least once or twice a month.

The last visit we made was to Marcia’s Patisserie. And since it was a few weeks ago we’ll keep this short and sweet. It’s a little shop in downtown Franklin that’s reminiscent of Paris.


Instead of getting our usual coffee latte we went with their specialty, tea. They have hundreds of different kinds of teas but Annah went with a classic, earl grey, to go with an apple turnover, and Michelle got chocolate mint. They were both good but we admit there wasn’t anything particularly special about this shop.

This week we are SO excited to finally get together again and are planning to head to Crema with our friend Michelle Hintz who was in our Merridees blog. I’m craving a fancy latte soo badly!! Until next time!

A cup of coffee shared with a friend is happiness tasted and time well spent. -Anonymous

Millcreek Coffee Roasters


Hi friends! This week’s latte adventure was a little different than our usual. First of all, Annah wasn’t there. I spent the week in Salt Lake City, Utah with Belmont friends at the DECA business conference. We competed in multiple events and Belmont DOMINATED! Almost everyone in our group including myself made it to finals in their individual events and out of the top ten teams in the Entrepreneurial Challenge, eight of them were Belmont teams. Needless to say, it was pretty fun. 


So since I was gone, Annah and I didn’t have a chance to get our weekly latte. My friend Linda and I were walking to get Thai food one night in Salt Lake and passed this great coffee shop, Millcreek Coffee Roasters. I decided our latte adventures in Nashville didn’t have to be the only ones documented. 

Millcreek Coffee Roasters is a surprisingly large coffee shop in downtown Salt Lake City. Not only do they have coffee and sandwiches, they actually roast their coffee beans in the back! It was pretty cool to get to check out. They also have like 30 different coffee syrup flavors so it made it hard to decide. I finally narrowed it between peach and toasted marshmallow flavors but I landed on a cinnamon peach shiver (aka frappuccino). SO SO good!!


Two of my roommates on the trip came to the coffee shop with me, Linda and Jennifer, so I was able to try one more flavor, white chocolate caramel. The lady working was SO incredibly sweet and ended up making too much of each of our drinks so she gave us lots of extra. She was asking us all about our conference and where we were from and right before we left she gave us the rest of their bagels from the day since she was going to have to throw them away. That made for some happy friends back at the hotel. :) So if you’re ever in Salt Lake you should definitely stop by Millcreek!


Anyways.. Although I really missed Annah and having a Nashville latte adventure, I had an incredible week in Utah with all my Belmont business friends. Hard to believe I’m about to graduate from college in about a week. So very bittersweet, but lots of laughs and lattes to look forward to in my future! 

Until next time! 

Bongo Java

Hello all. Another latte adventure to report. Wednesday, these ladies headed to Bongo Java, the mother company of several of our previous latte adventures. Bongo is located basically on the campus of Belmont University and therefore Shelly was very familiar with the cafe. However, neither of us were moved by this popular joint on this particular day. 


To start off, the atmosphere is loud, crowded and fast-paced. We like to enjoy our lattes in peace, not to be interrupted by the ever-so-populated, sitting-right-next- to-you, students. We had to search for a table and ended up in the back part of the cafe at a table that had women’s lingerie laminated into it (awkward, yet funny!) We then proceeded to go and order our coffee at the front. The baristas were semi-friendly but seemed a bit irritated at the fact that we weren’t quite positive on what to order. Oh well! I guess they didn’t know we had a blog in which we would review them;) 

After pursuing the menu a little longer, Shelly opted for a Mochahantas, a blend ofmilk, espresso, cinnamon and chocolate. She had tried a friend’s Mochahantas latte before and really liked it, not to mention chocolate and cinnamon are one of her favorite flavor combos, but this time she wasn’t quite as impressed. Annah chose the Diddy, a refreshing flavor combination of frosty mint and chocolate. It was definitely frosty mint…which kind of left a mouthwash lasting flavor (not a favorite of ours.) Both came in at a whopping $4.32 a piece and neither were even close to hot! The lattes cooled off in a matter of minutes leaving us wondering if we should ask them to reheat them. We decided not to and ended up drinking cold lattes for the next half-hour. Needless to say, we were slightly disappointed with this adventure. 


We didn’t stay for long because the atmosphere was quite “rushed” and our coffee too cool (and not in a good way!) We much prefer the branches of Bongo, i.e. Hot & Cold and Fido. We probably won’t be frequenting Bongo again but nevertheless, we enjoyed yet another adventure if not only for the good company!

Until next time! 

P.S. Our conversation consisted mostly of a book discussion. If you haven’t read Deanne Gist’s Courting Trouble and Deep in the Heart of Trouble….go get them and read them!! SO GOOD. And very inspiring to pursue Christ instead of this world! 

Hot & Cold

Hello blog world and our sweet followers. Sorry we have been behind on our posts….I promise we have been following our weekly latte adventure regiment!

Just last Wednesday we headed to Hot & Cold in the charming Hillsboro Village. This trendy (albeit tiny!) cafe is located right next to the cafe we visited not too long ago, Fido. Hot & Cold is a branch off of Fido, which is ultimately a branch of Bongo Java. Yet, this cafe is one of a kind. Not only do they specialize in weekly lattes but they also serve Las Paletas (a Mexican popsicle which is guaranteed to cool down your summer) and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream (a popular gourmet ice cream known across the nation.) They also offer Nashville’s very own Olive and Sinclair chocolate to dip on the Las Paletas or drizzle over your Jeni’s scoop or your latte concoction. And let us tell you…they did not disappoint! 

First of all, we loved this fun atmosphere. Chalkboard walls, cool seating, framed specialties, and an ice cream freezer that we wanted to jump in! Plus, the nicest staff we have encountered yet. Seriously, they were the best! Not only were they friendly and conversational (and obviously we LOVE to talk!) but they were very helpful, giving us honest advice on which special latte to go for. They also may have tried to tempt us with lots of yummy ice cream samples (Magnolia and Mochi and Chocolate Cayenne, just to name a few) but we could not stray from our lattes! We are on a deadline, you know.


So, on to those lattes. This time, we had to get the same thing. It sounded too good to pass up. We went with the Grey Skies. This was a delicious Berganot infused latte with a blend of half milk and half coconut milk, and a little vanilla flavoring with Olive and Sinclair chocolate shavings on top to stir in. It was very yummy! Not overly sweet but the chocolate allowing for a richness that we wanted to last the entire day. We stayed at Hot & Cold for a good hour or so chatting with the friendly baristas and enjoying some girl talk with each other. 


These Ladies with Lattes continued to enjoy a girl’s day shopping and people watching in this fabulous city we live in:) 

Until next time!

Edgehill Cafe


This week we took a much needed break and visited a trendy little spot on the corner of Edgehill and Villa Place called Edgehill Cafe. We absolutely loved the atmosphere. Probably our favorite so far for atmosphere. All of the decoration was cozy and unique and had a lot of character. the lattes were the same. Cozy and unique with a lot of character. 


Shelly (aka Michelle) decided to try the Abbe Road latte which is a toffeenut latte with a bit of chocolate. Super sweet but super yum! Annah got the Wish I Was in Socal. A white mocha with a hint of orange. The orange was very subtle but added a little extra flavor. Most whitemochas we’ve had have been super sweet but this one was much more toned down than the average white mocha and this time that was a really good thing! 


These signature lattes only came in a 16oz so they seemed a little pricy but the drinks plus the atmosphere plus the company of a good friend made every dollar worth it. So far our favorite latte is still the monkey mocha from frothy monkey, but edge hill cafe definitely wins for best atmosphere.  

Shoutout to Avery & Chelsey for using our blog to decide what coffee shop to go to this week! We loved hearing that! And to our other followers, we’d love to hear from you too! Let us know your favorite cafes and lattes! 

Until next time!